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How we became global technology leaders | NashTech

Access to great talent is what differentiates us

NashTech is a leading technology solutions business with a global network of nearshore and offshore centres. We have grown to have the largest team of functional programming and fast data engineers in the world, with over 2300+ seasoned professionals working together to develop customised, high-performance solutions.

Our mission is to create the best solutions, powered by our excellence in people and technology.

NashTech is part of Nash Squared, the leading global provider of talent and technology solutions. We’re equipped with a unique network, that realises the potential where people and technology meet.

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Why NashTech

NashTech is a truly amazing place to work and our reputation as a global technology solutions business grows every day. What makes us different from a lot of our competition is our access to tech talent. The businesses we talk with are urgently optimising their digital relevance or looking at a full DX strategy. Today’s challenge has expanded from selecting the right technology to also locking in the expertise to make it happen.


Our group, Nash Squared, is the perfect ecosystem to enable this change. NashTech exists in a group that boasts a global technology talent solutions business, Harvey Nash. It is very simple: we bring together established, trusted businesses that deliver world class tech solutions delivery teams with access to the best technology talent markets.

Why Nashtech Different

We are different because our discussions with you are value-oriented, advising on how and where to invest in your technology strategy. We stay for the ride too; having influenced your decisions, our credibility rests on achieving your planned outcome.

Why Nashtech Collaborative

Our approach means we gain a thorough understanding of your vision, values, challenges and objectives. This builds our relationship with you for the long-term and underpins your business success.

Why Nashtech Partner

We focus on you and will be proactive, dynamic and responsive to your needs. We partner seamlessly with you and our development centres, combining this with clear, consistent communication and rigorous governance.


We are always on the lookout for brilliant and talented individuals to join our growing team. With roles available across the globe, there’s sure to be a position for you.

Why not check out our career portal and see what opportunities are waiting for you?

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