Business process solutions

Business process solutions

Transforming your business

Are your processes slowing down decision making?

We help you design solutions for transformation by automating your processes to shape your company’s future and drive business growth with the right mix of people, processes and technologies.

Our solutions help you increase productivity and efficiency, enhance customer experience and reduce costs with our digital workforce and offshore resources. All while maintaining world-class quality standards.

Manual and automated

We help you achieve your strategic objectives using the very best talent to develop and deploy technologies such as process automation, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

We approach business transformation with a hybrid digital and human workforce solution and provide a wide range of services, including digitisation, data solutions, back office process management and customer experience management.


Business process consulting

Uncover your business operations that serve your customers and identify opportunities for efficiency, standardisation and redesign. Our process analysis, opportunity assessment and re-engineering capabilities help you prepare for your transformation journey irrespective of whether they are enterprise-wide or functional.

Automation enabled outsourcing

We aim to automate your outsourced processes by using our proof-of-concept, outsourcing, digitisation and customer experience management capabilities. We reduce the cost & effort of your operations, replace outdated non digital processes, lessen the burden of data management from significant digitisation and importantly, improve customer experience for your end users. Unlike our competitors we are able to offer these capabilities using a workforce with a mix of skilled colleagues, digital workers and intelligent virtual assistants.

Automation technology solutions

Modernise your operations with the latest technology using our automation solutions development, enterprise automation deployment and tool-agnostic automation maintenance capabilities. Whether it is replacing a small set of repetitive tasks performed manually to enabling enterprise-wide automation deployment, our services are tool-agnostic and come with an added advantage of robust maintenance services.

Introduction to Business process solutions

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"The strong and continued growth of our partnership is representative of NashTech's result-oriented culture; a dedicated, professional and passionate team; and strong corporate ethics; besides their corporate strategy of building long-term mutually beneficial partnership with organization"

Pankaj Banerjee

Chief Officer Partnership Distribution Prudential Vietnam Assurance

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