Central Vietnam flood relief donation by NashTech

December 08, 2020


Central Vietnam flood relief donation by NashTech

As we are all aware, early October this year, the central region in Vietnam got struck by continuous floods and landslides. The natural calamity has caused severe impact on hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese families, leaving them in life threatening situation, displacement and poverty.

In response to such tragedy, our NashTech family has solicited a fundraising campaign with the aim to provide emergency support for people in central Vietnam, whose lives have been directly on the line ever since the floods occurred. 

NashTech community join hands in relief efforts and donation

Thanks to all the support of Nashers, NashTech has donated over VND400million in cash and kind to flood and landslide victims in the central provinces of Thua Thien Hue and Quang Tri.

The donations were directly delivered to those in need by NashTech’s representative who went into the heart of the disaster to hand in emergency aids: Mr. Thanh Nguyen – HR Director, Mr. Vu Do – Delivery Manager, Ms. Huong Nguyen – HR Manager, Ms. Ha Vu – Head of BPS in Hanoi.



NashTech at the heart of tragedy

Following Nashers’ 3-day (7- 9 November, 2020) visit to Thua Thien Hue and Quang Tri provinces, we have been able to accumulate numerous heart-wrenching anecdotes about the sufferance of the victims and how their courage and perseverance shines through these stories. 

After 3 hours of handing out gifts to disadvantaged families in Quang Tri, the group proceeded to visit 20 families who were facing severe adversity even before the floods: families with people with disabilities, elderly people or those in extreme poverty. Despite such significant tribulation, their fortitude in the face of hardship truly put Nashers in awe.


The next destination on our “we share, we care” journey is Thua Thien Hue, where most of the residences were already heavily affected by economical exhaustion due to Covid-19. The tropical storm has brought further impediment on their daily activities.

In the spirit of representing 1650 Nashers at home, the group delivered each of the gift with great care and compassion with the hope to share some of the burdens with those in flood-stricken province.

Our 3-day journey to central Vietnam has given us a chance to look into the jarring condition in which flood survivors are suffering as well as provide assistance to these less privileged individuals.

NashTech’s mission to the community

In previous years, NashTech has held numerous charitable projects as well as collaborated with different organisations on the mission of assisting those in adversary.

We take pride in a wide range of philanthropist activities that are built and designed on the premise of shaping a better future for disadvantaged communities in Vietnam.

At NashTech, we care and we share.

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