Today more than ever, I’m so proud of NashTech’s Vietnam model, says CEO, Nick Lonsdale

May 17, 2020

Our CEO, Nick Lonsdale shares his view on why NashTech’s Vietnam model is proving to be so successful in this current market.


Vietnam: a prime location for business

“2020 marks NashTech’s 20th year. Our reputation is unashamedly built on client achievement and delivering on what we say. Today more than at any time, it’s clear to me just how amazing Vietnam is as a destination for business.

NashTech’s Vietnam Model is a winning combination:

  1. NashTech is the largest foreign-owned IT employer in Vietnam.
  2. Vietnam is an economic powerhouse & it’s ‘pro-business’ government has managed COVID-19 to international acclaim.
Nick Lonsdale, CEO of NashTech 2

How have Vietnam and NashTech succeeded where others have struggled?

Government initiatives

  • In January Vietnam had its first positive COVID case– the government & people of Vietnam co-operated immediately to control infection.
  • The Health Ministry approved disclosures of hourly movements of infected individuals identified as a case number, not by name.
  • The government created 2 smartphone apps. The public report symptoms on the NCOVI app. Then infected, quarantined and recovering patients use the Smart City app which tracks their movements more than 30m from quarantine houses.
  • This native technology plus Vietnam’s societal mindset to solve problems as a community has to date delivered world-class infection and prevention controls
  • At the time of writing data reports under 320 confirmed COVID cases & nil deaths across a nation of 96 million.

NashTech Initiatives

  • In late January our leadership teams began BCP (business continuity planning) mobilisation.
  • Groups of 200 began WFH (working from home) testing hardware, software, voice comms and security
  • Our BCP Task Force held daily Microsoft TEAMS calls.
  • In February we sent client communications about our intention to risk-manage by WFH.
  • In March the business ran with 50% WFH and 50% in the office on a weekly cycle – our Density Reduction Plan (“DRP”).
  • In April, ahead of Government guidance, we elected that 95% of our employees would WFH.
  • Productivity results showed sustained and in places, improved performance.
  • Now in May the Vietnam Government have permitted social mixing and return to work. NashTech reinstated its DRP and teams are back in the office.

Vietnam’s management of COVID is recognised internationally:

In May Vietnam has become a Coronavirus success story thanks to rapid controls deploying great tech. Internationally respected journalists and organisations have publicly praised these efforts and results.

  1. (30th March) World Economic Forum – Vietnam achieving more with less
  2. (29th April) Reuters – how Vietnam has contained cases through testing
  3. (7th May) Reuters – Vietnam on course to revive its economy much sooner than most others, according to public health experts interviewed by Reuters
  4. (6th May) CNBC – Vietnam comes in second as citizens rank their governments’ response to the coronavirus outbreak
NashTech during Covid-19 situation

A proud investor in Vietnam’s IT sector

We are proud to be able to deliver our technology solution services to our clients from such an amazing country and economy especially in these COVID times. We could not wish for a better country to be invested in – I am frequently told by our clients that other offshore countries are just not cutting it.

20 years on, we’re a proud founding investor in Vietnam’s IT sector. Our relations with policymakers and ministers continue to create joint success as we share our experience to shape policy development.

NashTech is emphatically open for business and if you wish to talk to us about accelerating out of COVID please get in touch.

I wish you all steady or successful trading in these times.

Best wishes, Nick”

Nick Lonsdale, Bio Photo 2019

Nick joined NashTech in 2016 and is Chief Executive Officer. Previously he held CFO posts in IT, consulting and retail businesses, owned both privately and publicly. He is a
committee member of the Vietnam-UK Network and committed to promoting international business across NashTech locations. He is married with 2 teenage children and enjoys playing golf, tennis and guitar (badly).

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