Digital infrastructure – the fast track route for Vietnam

July 18, 2018 

Since before 2017, industrial revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0) has been the buzz word in Vietnam, not only within the ICT community but also in the mainstream. It is expected that the industry 4.0 is an opportunity to make Vietnam’s dream of prosperity a reality, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc recently. The Vietnamese government is excited about the opportunity and has started discussions, planning and funding for using new technologies across all sectors.

How about digital transformation in infrastructure?

In a research survey conducted by Harvey Nash plc together with KPMG in early 2018, 4,000 CIO/CTO were interviewed across 84 countries. Top level results show:

  • 45% of interviewee share that they apply automation to improve business efficiency
  • 48% confirm they develop business based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Analytics
  • 46% believe Big Data / Analytics will be most in-demand skill next year
  • Cloud, Mobility, AI/ Machine Learning (ML) are most heavily invested technologies

Data points out that digital infrastructure is becoming critical for any economy. According to a report of the UN, by 2030 there will be two third of the work population will live in urban areas. Cities with more than 10 million citizens will become more and more popular. Demand for a smart city and smart traffic management are becoming a must in big cities. People have the right to expect a safer city, more efficient security and better traffic management. However, the reality is that cities are getting bigger and population is increasing resulting in transportation networks and traffic systems becoming a nightmare to citizens. These are major factors hampering the economy development.

The city’s government must have a clear picture of how its citizens are traveling, where bottlenecks occur, and how pedestrian zones and cycle lanes can best serve citizens. Connected transportation combines intelligent sensors, advanced analytics, and remote monitoring to dramatically raise the efficiency of public transportation and cars.

Currently, smart management systems are being deployed and applied effectively in some big cities in the world, such as Smart Traffic Management System. Based on huge volumes of collected data, applied AI and Data Analytics the system recommends optimum traffic plans and management. At the same time, it recommends the most efficient route, best and legal parking lots and monitors behaviors of people to recommend appropriate actions to officer timely. All of this is done in real time with high accuracy.

The combination of new and emerging technologies will be the solid base for digital infrastructure.  Internet of Things (IOT), Robotics, AI & Data Science, Cloud Computing and Blockchain are vital technologies in the Digital Era.

In the industrial revolution 4.0 era, all countries are equal. With young, ambitious and trustworthy IT work force, Vietnam can surely catch up with other developed countries in the region if we wisely and efficiently develop, deploy and apply these technologies.

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