Has Ireland’s Tech Talent Pool Dried Up?

October 13, 2017

When Google, Apple and Facebook sit upon your land, you become a magnet for the world’s brightest tech stars.

Ireland has long been attracting this kind of talent. When Google first connected cables in Ireland in 2003, it was already home to HP, Symantec, SAP, Oracle, and Citibank. Dublin has risen to be a global tech hub and an abundance of talent sits at its feet.

For the technically-endowed, these megalithic businesses not only offer enviable occupations, they’ve also changed and challenged the expectations of employees. We’ve all seen the pictures of Google’s adventure playground offices. We’ve all wondered what it’s like to work inside the creative fences of Facebook.

And it’s not just the quality of the workspace this talent enjoys. These tech giants offer meaningful work to keep morale high; Facebook conducts evaluations every six months to review responsibilities and assign accompanying compensation packages; LinkedIn talks about a ‘mutually beneficial alliance’ and actively demonstrates employees’ impact on output. “Want more”, they whisper.

Preoccupied and demanding

With such standards as standard, tech professionals have a new set of expectations. Today, professionals across the board want to know why a business exists and how they can play a vital role in its continual evolution.

Individuals want to be empowered by management teams and have access to interesting career paths and space for personal and professional development. They expect above-average compensation, generous benefits packages and life-long development. They want to use their own devices and the latest collaboration tools.

Tech talent in Ireland is preoccupied and demanding. While its abundance may not be in doubt, winning its attention and attracting it to the shores of your business (should you not be one of the megalithic tech institutions we’ve mentioned here), requires more than a well-written job spec.

And the truth is, a traditional recruitment path is no longer the only option available to organisations. External resourcing options, managed end-to-end, are providing businesses with highly-skilled teams and individuals. Delivering the solutions required, these flexible, scalable teams can give you a competitive edge in your industry without burdening you with a competitive fight for talent attraction and retention.

Another pool to fish

The no-strings-attached nature of outsourced resource empowers a business to rapidly pivot, flex and refine its proposition as market insight demands. Rather than face redundancies or the realisation you’ve employed the wrong sort of genius, an outsourced team, hand-picked from a pool of ready talent, can be recruited to your flanks in moments.

Plug and play teams, primed to go, embedded in their own culture and already accessing relevant benefits, change the face of deployment. No hammocks in your break-out area? No worries. These experts reside in their own hammocks (benches or chairs) in another part of the world, progressing work while you sleep.

Fish from another pool and the size, demands and attention of talent closer to home become a lesser concern. Meanwhile, your business benefits from the expert brains and scalable brawn of an outsource resourcing solution.

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