MonitorMe™ creates real-time health monitoring program connecting at-home patients with clinicians, 24/7

July 4, 2020
MonitorMe connects at-home patients with on-staff clinicians

We’re very happy to announce that MonitorMe™ has partnered with us to create the only real-time health monitoring program in USA that connects at-home patients with clinicians, 24/7. The program has already connected hundreds of patients—most of them critically ill—with doctors, saving lives with its real-time diagnoses and deployment of medical attention.

About MonitorMe™

MonitorMe™ is an all-in-one health and wellness concierge monitoring program. With the simple touch of a button, patients can instantly communicate with a nurse or physician 24/7/365 through the MonitorMe tablet, powered by proprietary software. Unlike traditional telemedicine services that just use mobile devices, MonitorMe provides patients with FDA-cleared patches and other FDA-approved technology that streams their health information in real-time to a Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC) in New York state, where MonitorMe clinicians can immediately evaluate patients’ conditions and intervene if necessary.

MonitorMe uses biometric technology to capture and communicate hemodynamic information such as blood pressure and heart rate in real-time. Physicians at the company’s 24/7 Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC) then immediately diagnose patients and secure the proper medical attention.

The MonitorMe™ Patch

A small, disposable, water-resistant, hypoallergenic patch that’s FDA-cleared, containing several biosensors, is placed on the patient’s chest. This device sends multiple vital signs in real-time to MonitorMe’s Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC).

Introducing the MonitorMe™ Program

“Technology innovation has become a critical driver in the determination of healthcare outcomes. The clinical interplay of AI and our technology differentiates us from traditional telemedicine by providing the clinician with a longitudinal picture of a patient’s disease pattern, resulting in the most efficient treatment regimen.”

Anthony J. Bacchi

M.D., Founder of MonitorMe.

MonitorMe™ reduces patients’ exposure to COVID-19 and manages long-term care

While the program is designed for chronic healthcare management at home, it has also shown many healthcare advantages during the current COVID-19 pandemic. MonitorMe has helped reduce the number of office visits, Emergency Room utilisation and avoidable hospital admissions, in turn reducing total cost of care and the exposure of at-risk patients to potentially life-threatening environments. For those diagnosed with COVID-19, the solution allows clinicians to monitor health and progress while patients recover at home.

“I wake up every day excited about how our teams in Vietnam are playing a role in mitigating COVID-19. NashTech is proud to work alongside this company and play a part in creating a solution to reduce the impact of the pandemic and save lives. MonitorMe is a forward-thinking company solving today’s healthcare challenges as well as providing long-term solutions for sustainable global wellness. This permanently changes our approach in how we administer care to the most vulnerable.”

Anna Frazzetto

Chief Digital Technology Officer & President of Technology Solutions for NashTech.

The program offers peace of mind for patients along with their family, friends and caregivers that they can comfortably age in place and still be monitored around the clock. On top of administering physical healthcare, MonitorMe has demonstrated improvement in patients’ mental health as well. The interaction with clinicians combats anxiety and isolation, and gives patients accountability and sense of worth that drives total wellness.

The MonitorMe™ Tools

Additional details about the technology can be found here:

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