NashTech and Wayfare Partnership

October 23, 2017

Progress Software support, enhancement, integration and implementation has a new champion – NashTech, a UK based company (part of the billion dollar Harvey Nash Group plc) has teamed up with Wayfare, a Romania based Progress specialist organisation. Together they’re bringing new and established Progress clients a range of services that can be delivered from onshore in Europe, nearshore in Romania and offshore in Vietnam. Clients can pick which combination of these options works best for them.

NashTech has access to tens of thousands of IT professionals through the Harvey Nash parent organisation – IT experts in Progress Software, Project Management, UI/UX design, security, testing, migration, cloud services – you name it. These experts can deliver the front-end consulting and client facing interaction that may be needed. Wayfare, in Romania, can cost effectively to deliver the portfolio of Progress specific tools that incorporate new business rules and allow customers to inject cutting-edge capabilities into existing applications. From their low cost centres in Vietnam, NashTech can integrate updates and newly developed functionality with a client’s systems so they’re able to capitalise on their investments regardless of the platforms on which they’re built – old or new.

One of the most sought after needs among customers is to modernise legacy applications while at the same time creating new ones to take advantage of the latest mobile, cloud and data integration technologies.  The collaboration between NashTech and Wayfare will allow the significant base of customers already running applications developed using Progress Software to capitalise on their investments with a raft of functionality that brings them into the 21st century, while also allowing them to plug knowledge gaps around Progress.

“The world is moving towards more agile ways of working and applications built 20 years ago need to be modernised to cope. Customers have invested a huge amount in these technologies and they are very heavily reliant upon them.

Building on those foundations means that all of the investments made in previous versions are kept and reused. Companies want to move forward and be more competitive – together with NashTech we can provide the right people to realise those goals.

The collaboration with NashTech offers huge benefits to customers, not least the geographic synergies. NashTech is dominant in the UK, US and Asia. We are very much focused on the European market, providing nearshore capabilities that offer the benefits of being in a closer time zone and the advantages that brings in terms of face to face customer interaction and being able to travel to customers.

The relationship with NashTech works so well because Wayfare is a relatively small company focusing on a relatively niche market delivering that tight capability within a given timeframe.

The word Wayfare is the act of a journey and its significance is by no means coincidental.  Nearshoring and offshoring are journeys that companies undertake together and this collaboration is very much about making sure things run as smoothly as possible so that everyone benefits.”

Wim Martens

Wayfare CEO

Wim Martens, CEO of Wayfare

Wim speaks with authority about the ins and outs of a successful technology partnership. A 20-year veteran of the software development industry, he spent 12 years with Progress Software before joining Wayfare in 2012 and has long earmarked strong partnerships as an opportunity for growth. The nearshore capabilities it provides in Europe allow enterprise customers to modernise applications for competitive advantage and develop solutions that are better and more agile, but in the most cost effective way.

Wayfare does an excellent job of listening to their customers who, understandably, have an increasing desire to exercise control over the final product. “Customers are tiring of the old supplier-led ways of working – our specific approach is very much driven by the needs of the customer.”

“Onshore, nearshore or offshore – with this collaboration we have the Progress skills that the market is looking for at a price they’re willing to pay and at a quality level that will delight. A killer combination of old, new and leading edge capabilities all within a single contract. One contract – with access to thousands of professionals able to deliver the right solution, in the right location at the right price.  Why would you look anywhere else?”

Sandy Vann

NashTech’s International Sales Director

For more information about how NashTech and Wayfare can transform your business, contact:

Georgina Gill, Business Development Executive


Call: +44 (0) 7392 086 159

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