NashTech Event to Reveal Major Rise of AI and Machine Learning in Digital Transformation

June 1, 2018 

From comedic accomplices, like C3PO, to the doomsday cyborgs of the Terminator franchise, artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the imagination of men, women and children for decades. While such scenarios remain beyond the horizon, advancements in AI and machine learning are powering business in ways no one could have imaged 20 – or even 10 – years ago.

On Thursday 7th June, business leaders and tech evangelists will descend upon The Black Swan, Singapore to discuss “the importance of Machine Learning & AI in Digital Transformation”. The event, hosted by global software solutions provider, NashTech, and education technology pioneer, Janison, will demonstrate, using real life examples, how businesses are embracing this technology to enhance customer experiences, bolster revenues and streamline processes.

APAC Business Benefits

Earlier this year, Microsoft published research, based on a study of 1,560 business and IT leaders from 15 economies, showing that “digital transformation of economies and companies in Asia Pacific could contribute an additional US$1.16 trillion to GDP by 2021”.

Meanwhile, analyst IDC predicts that by 2019 40 percent of all digital transformation initiatives will be supported by AI capabilities, and Gartner expects 20 percent of business content (shareholder reports, legal documents, etc.) to be drafted by machines.

As companies clamber to reap the perks such technologies offer, embarking on an AI enabled digital transformations quickly throws up a lot of practical, and often difficult, questions. How do I successfully deliver this digital transformation? What are our current technological capabilities? Is my organisation even ready for such a momentous shift?

These are just some of the questions Subhash Raghavendra, VP NashTech Singapore, will address at the event. Setting out a roadmap to success, he will take attendees through the process, highlighting the pitfalls, that ensnare nine out of 10 digital transformation initiatives.

Commenting on the upcoming event Subhash says, ‘For businesses transitioning to a digitally led model and embracing AI, rewards are virtually limitless. For those who fail, the consequences are grave. With so much at stake, it is essential that organisations take necessary steps to deliver a successful digital transformation. This event should be the first step business leaders take on that journey.”

Real Life Examples

After Fintech, few industries are experiencing the same level of disruption as education. Artificial intelligence is empowering individuals and educators to deliver truly personalised learning experiences, the likes of which have never been seen before.

Janison CEO, Wayne Houlden, will take to the stage to share his story of bringing digital assessments into institutes of higher learning, providing the audience with a real life example of how AI and machine learning are transforming the Edtech sector in ways not seen since the invention of the printing press.

Spaces for the event are limited. To register your interest in attending, please email

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