NashTech & IVI Partnership Delivers Best in Class Digital Transformation

April 5, 2018 

Technology consulting and solutions specialist, NashTech, today announced its partnership with Maynooth University’s Innovation Value Institute (IVI).

The collaboration sees NashTech adopt the IVI’s world class, IT Capability Maturity framework (IT-CMF), combining it with the company’s extensive real-world experience, to deliver best in class digital transformation solutions to clients. The widespread digitisation of business operations across all sectors continues to place huge demand on organisational resources.

Despite the significant investment of time and money, a 2017 report found nine in 10  digital transformations fail. Applying the IVI’s proven, thematic approach with more than 18 years of practical experience, NashTech works with clients identify potential hurdles, effectively evaluating their ‘digital readiness‘, before developing a clear path to successfully ‘going digital.’

NashTech starts by assessing the current digital landscape, helping clients understand the scope and scale of digital implementation, along with their current digital investment.

However, successful digital transformation requires more than just technology, which is why NashTech assess the organisation’s digital management practices, defines a target maturity using the IT-CMF framework, before developing a capability improvement plan, to equip the organisation’s with the skills and processes needed for digital.

The IVI, co-founded by Maynooth University and Intel in 2006, is a not-for-profit organisation that focuses on IT management through industry-led, practical research for the establishment of a global standard for IT management.

Digital remains one of the biggest disruptors for businesses today and 2018 will be defined as digital’s next step. However, with the rise in complex, malicious attacks and regulatory scrutiny, has put Cyber Security as the number one risk on board agendas, with the remaining priority on Cloud adoption. NashTech’s deep expertise in these areas and the IVI’s thematic, objective framework help organisations understand their IT and organisational requirements and efficiently implement digital solutions that deliver true business value. 

Ronan Gray

Senior Vice President of Advisory Services at NashTech

Identifying and bridging capability gaps can be the difference between success and failure. NashTech’s global perspective and expertise across advisory services and software solutions, combined with our IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF), provides a clear, objective path to digital transformation for our clients. 

Paul Goddard

Channel and Partner Manager, IVI

Over the past 18 years NashTech has worked with some of the world’s leading brands, including Ford and Google, delivering everything from advisory to application managed services, through its 2,000 strong global workforce.

NashTech offers businesses the power to innovate through our advisorysoftware and business process services. To find out more about how we can help you meet your need for speed, contact us here.

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