NashTech named a best company to work for by Nielsen / Anphabe

March 21, 2016

Employee centric culture sees NashTech rise to number 14 in ‘Top 100 companies to work for’ in Vietnam

NashTech, a leader in cloud services, bespoke software development and analytics, has been ranked number 14 in the top 100 places to work in Vietnam by global market research company Nielsen in partnership with Anphabe.

NashTech, listed under its Harvey Nash Group parent, has reached its highest position in the three years since entering the prestigious list and is the highest ranked international outsourcing business.

This significant climb in rankings follows a year in which NashTech stepped up its investment in people, including hiring new talent, strengthening its employer brand and finding new, innovative ways to engage and motivate its staff. In particular, Nielsen / Anphabe noted:

  1. The positive level of Employee Engagement is higher than the market benchmark
  2. 16% of talent in the Vietnam IT industry, aspire to apply for a position at NashTech
  3. The NashTech brand in Vietnam is recognised for:
  • International exposure
  • Professionalism
  • Strong management team
  • MNC (multi-national company)
  • Safe & Secure environment

NashTech celebrated its 15th anniversary last year with more than 2,000 employees and 600 customers around the globe and is proud to:

  • Have improved their ranking by 6 places in the last year
  • Be the #1 outsourcing company, the next outsourcing company is 21st on the list
  • Be the 2nd British company on the list, beating all other banks, legal and accounting firms
  • Be the 3rd highest European company  and the 9th ranked foreign investor

“Fifteen years ago today NashTech was started in Vietnam with the promise of bringing employee passion and customer focus back to the outsourcing industry. To accomplish this we knew we had to put our people first which is why they are at the core of everything we do. Attraction and, crucially, retention of top talent enables us to deliver world-class software development in an incredibly fast-moving and competitive arena. This high achieving recognition from Nielsen / Anphabe reflects a business where people are valued as much as clients and the results, from award winning IT outsourcing services to this nationwide affirmation, happily speak for themselves.”

Paul Smith
Executive Chairman, NashTech

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