New visual identity to support NashTech’s growth

January 8, 2020


Have you seen NashTech’s brand refresh?

We have some exciting news. As part of NashTech’s growth plans and to mark our 20th Anniversary, we’ve launched a new visual identity and we want to tell you a little bit about this change.

We officially launched the NashTech new look and feel on 15th January 2020 at events across the globe, where thousands of NashTech employees came together to celebrate. It was a lot of fun!

Why did we make this change?

This brand refresh is part of our vision for growth. Growth for NashTech, growth for our clients and partners and growth for our parent company, Harvey Nash Group.

We want to ensure our brand is future-facing. The previous NashTech logo was based on a look and feel from over 15 years ago, before the iPhone and before Twitter, so we felt that 2020 was the right time to refresh our look.

We’re still using the iconic red that is so recognisable to our brand, and our name hasn’t changed, but our brand is sharper, more distinct and will help us to make a big impact across the globe.

NashTech, new visual identity example

How has the NashTech brand changed? A new logo.

Simply put, our new logo shows us to be bold and versatile.

The logo is proudly distinct and gets this from the frame. It’s a frame for creativity, a frame for possibility, and conversely represents boundaries that we break in our ambition to deliver technology excellence.

We chose a minimal logo because to us it shows how NashTech boldly cuts through complexity. Having images interact with the frame shows that within any given framework, we are agile, and constantly moving forward.

We also brought the brand to life by introducing living colour. The energy of these stunningly vibrant colour transitions elevates our brand with a sophisticated yet modern look and feel.

For our clients, partners and employees

We’ve put a lot of thought and research into this project. We value our clients, partners and our employees and cherish their loyalty to us, not only as a business but also as a brand.

This new visual identity was heavily influenced by the opinions, thoughts and the amazing character of the wonderful people we call ‘Nashers.’ Thank you so much to every one of our employees who helped to inspire and shape our new look and feel.

“We’re proud to share this key milestone of our business with you. In 2020 we celebrate our 20th Anniversary and so we couldn’t think of a better time to modernise the NashTech brand. Our new visual identity proudly sits high in a digital world which races ever forward to exciting change.”

Nick Lonsdale

CEO, NashTech

“I’m delighted with NashTech’s new, innovative, visual identity. But more than that, I am excited about how this will help NashTech build on its success in this new decade. This brand refresh is part of a wider programme of investment in branding, people, technology and growth across all of Harvey Nash Group’s main brands. NashTech is a key part of our growth strategy.”

Albert Ellis

CEO, Harvey Nash Group

About NashTech

We are experts in technology, delivering smart solutions that solve business challenges and create value. Our award-winning teams apply deep expertise and passion to deliver complex IT projects globally.

NashTech is a division of Harvey Nash Group

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