Second generation offshore software outsourcing

March 21, 2016


You have probably been using an offshore software services provider for a while 

Your original goals were clear – improved economy, efficiency and effectiveness. Things got off to a good start, initial teething troubles were fixed, you made some significant savings and improvements, but now… well, perhaps you are just not achieving all you expected. There may be lots of little issues, too many disconnects for your liking or some pernicious problems that just will not go away. 

Conditions are deteriorating 

There could be many other symptoms indicating that things are not as they should be such as:

  • ‎The desired partnership has slipped into a struggling relationship.
  • Procedures have become bureaucratic and laborious.
  • Your ability to drive down costs seems to have stalled.
  • There is not enough visibility of performance or progress.
  • Your provider is over promising and under delivering.
  • Simple issues quickly become major problems.
  • Quality is not what is should be.
  • Political uncertainty and stability in your chosen offshore centre.

The tide is turning 

The first wave of offshoring services has matured. India has led the way in the market but is now on the downside of the life cycle curve:

  • It faces a growing labour crisis and is turning to other countries for help.
  • Staff turnover, remuneration and lifestyle expectations are rising which means third world salaries and working conditions no longer apply.
  • Agile young companies have turned into behemoths. To survive they must move up the food chain and to compete with the very largest systems integrators they must improve margins and revenue per head.

Setting a new course 

Whatever you are experiencing, your customers will still expect excellence. They will not differentiate between you and your offshore partner and more of the same will not be good enough as the winds of change blow ever stronger. The storm clouds of recession will put even greater pressure on budgets and force you to be more innovative and competitive. 

Moving to our SafeHaven 

We have been delivering world-class software services from Vietnam for over fifteen years. Our track record proves we can:

  • Re-vitalise your ability to drive down year on year costs – by at least 10%.
  • Re-invigorate your drive for performance and quality.
  • Deliver the flexibility and responsiveness you increasingly need.
  • Provide the depth of skills and professionalism your expectations demand.
  • Reduce issues presented by cultural differences and physical dislocation.
  • Minimise the risks of moving to a new provider.

Confidence to change You must choose a partner you can trust. Trust to organise a transition that does not negatively impact your organisation’s ongoing “business as usual”. Trust to drive down your system development and maintenance costs. Trust to help transform the quality of your service delivery. Trust to facilitate business and technology innovation despite the recession. In short, a partner you can trust with your reputation and your business critical applications. We deliver on those expectations.

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