August 29 2018

AI has the power to revolutionise the how businesses operate and the way we live. It’s why 69% of CIOs have -or expect to – implement intelligent automation in IT in the coming years. But with all the hype around this emerging technology, it’s far too easy to race ahead of ourselves, jumping straight into… Read more »

November 29 2017

Back in 1950, Alan Turing proposed that a ‘learning machine’ could become artificially intelligent. For over half a century it seemed that very little progress was being made. Until now. Today we see a plethora of advancements in voice and visual recognition; autonomous driving is becoming a reality, and the likes of Professor Stephen Hawking… Read more »

May 30 2017

LONDON – May 23, 2017 – Despite two-thirds (64 percent) of organisations adapting their technology strategy because of unprecedented global political and economic uncertainty, 89 percent are maintaining or ramping up investment in innovation, including in digital labour. More than half (52 percent) are investing in more nimble technology platforms to help their organisation innovate… Read more »