November 27 2018

NashTech attended the Asian Business Leaders Award Dinner 2018 at the Fullerton Hotel, Singapore on Thursday 22nd November. The Dinner brings together leading figures in global business and diplomacy to celebrate the important work Asia House does in driving economic engagement between Europe and Asia, as well as the wider social value that commercial enterprise creates. The event, sponsored… Read more »

November 13 2018

Like a seat on Southern Railway in rush hour, talented technical people are expensive and in high demand. For a business reliant on technology to grow, this strikes a pose as uncomfortable as that spot by the exit button. A business today needs technology to compete. By partnering with an outsourced technology partner on the other… Read more »

July 18 2018

Since before 2017, industrial revolution 4.0 (Industry 4.0) has been the buzz word in Vietnam, not only within the ICT community but also in the mainstream. It is expected that the industry 4.0 is an opportunity to make Vietnam’s dream of prosperity a reality, said Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc recently. The Vietnamese government is… Read more »

May 2 2018

Since appearing in 2008, while the world was still getting accustomed to smartphones and apps, blockchain managed to go relatively unnoticed, until recently when the recent Bitcoin boom threw the technology into the limelight. While it may still be in its infancy, blockchain has the potential to impact our lives as immensely as the internet or social media…. Read more »

November 1 2017

How can the partnership between NashTech and Wayfare help your business capitalise on the technology trends in the market? Wayfare CEO, Wim Martens, explains. The partnership between NashTech and Romanian nearshore sourcing provider, Wayfare is opening the door to a whole host of new and exciting technology areas for customers looking to reap the rewards… Read more »