The growing demand for self-service is driving kiosk innovation

May 18, 2016

Kiosks are a normal part of everyday life these days.

If you check in at the airport, get cash out of an ATM, or visit the supermarket you will have the option of using an in-store / self-service kiosk. This demand for self-service has driven the need for kiosk technology innovation to keep evolving.

A 2015 report by Nielson states that “today, 22% of global respondents say they use self-checkout and nearly two-thirds (65%) are willing to do so in the future¹”.

“Time-starved consumers want to use technology to make shopping faster, easier and more efficient. As we’ve seen with self-checkout… as more retailers incorporate these options in their in-store and online offerings, adoption rates will likely increase.”

Patrick Dodd
President, Global Retailer Vertical at Nielsen

With the improvement of in-store connectivity, kiosks are now connected to rich content management systems that publish content from a central management console. This connects to back end databases which retrieves information of value to the consumer when the kiosk is in use.

As the graphics capabilities of personal computer technology advance, new opportunities arise to harness this power in order to create new kiosk scenarios that can bring a significant return on investment (ROI). Consumers are becoming more technically savvy, and more willing to interact with machines for a number of different tasks in their day to day lives.

NashTech have extensive experience developing scalable and intuitive custom kiosk software that has a proven track record in the industry for being easy to use.

Our developers are available to assist with the development, user interface design and deployment of your kiosks to make your next project a glowing success.

Our self-service kiosk software is designed with security and ease of use in mind. We focus on creating solutions that are intuitive and easy to navigate. We provide flexible solutions that are custom designed to meet your functionality requirements and with the look and feel that matches your company image by utilising your graphics and brand guidelines. Our design team, along with our experienced software development teams, can create professional software application to meet any self-service requirement.


Our kiosk and EPoS experience spans multiple industry verticals across a broad spectrum and this has resulted in a solid understanding of the essential features that make up a self-service solution.

Our software has been developed to allow for quick integration with security, banking or retail back-end software systems and the following functions have been developed and made available on our kiosk systems:

  • Content display
  • Access control and system security
  • Financial transaction management
  • Remote management
  • System status and status relay messages
  • Interface with transactional components
  • Kiosk usage reporting

There are two key factors in kiosk software development that maximise the return on client’s kiosk and IT investment:

  1. The development of an attractive and user-friendly kiosk application and user interface. A good kiosk user interface ensures that the kiosks are fully utilised and enhances user/customer experience.
  2. A seamless integration of the new kiosk application to our client’s existing systems.

User Interface Design

Our team has a lot of experience working together to deliver visually appealing, functional applications; we make these factors work together for our clients, instead of forcing them to choose one over the other.

We adopt a common sense approach to designing the user interface by taking into consideration the human factors. This approach results in an intuitive user interface as part of the product that the user will be able to navigate naturally. The end result is an interface that makes the user’s life easier while creating a positive, intuitive and meaningful experience.

What you can expect from our UI design services:

  • We’ll make your touchscreen kiosk a pleasure to use
  • Design an intuitive and attractive user interface
  • Craft a look and feel consistent with your company image
  • Create a user experience which draws customers in

Usage Reporting

NashTech can develop the real-time reports you need to provide up to date usage statistics and notify you via email or text if there is an issue with any of your kiosks that require servicing.

Reporting can also be useful for determining which kiosks get the most usage and help you decide if you need more or less kiosks at each location.

If your kiosks are processing payments, then the reports will tell you which kiosks are the most profitable and also help maximise uptime to ensure maximum profitability.

Stay on top of your business with real-time reporting and notifications:

  • Monitor your kiosks remotely and respond to events in real-time
  • Receive important alerts via email or text message
  • Track which kiosks are getting the most usage
  • Maximise profitability by making sure your kiosks are always running

Remote Management

NashTech’s self-service solutions are packed with the essential tools needed to provide full control of our client’s self-service network, whether they are managing just one kiosk or thousands.
Our solutions include the following features:

  • Remote Management – Perform file updates by transferring application content and OS updates on a device, project, group, or site basis.
  • Device Organisation – Support one or multiple sites and organise devices into an unlimited number of groups and/or projects.
  • Remote Monitoring – Manage the status of devices by receiving performance information as often as every 15 minutes. Also receive device event log data containing reports of hardware malfunction and OS information.
  • User Management – Manage the users who can log onto the server console and which portions of the console they have permission to use through the creation of customized roles.

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