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Reinventing your business processes

We partner with you to offer an intelligent and innovative approach to the management of your business processes to reduce your operating costs.

Often, business processes can be manually intensive, taking your people away from other, more valuable activities and costing your organisation time and money. At NashTech, we understand that while you don’t want to be the expert, you do want to make change effectively. We believe in building a relationship with you to do just that, combining our cutting-edge technology and services with our teams’ extensive experience in transformation and technology to help you to re-engineer, improve and optimise your business processes. We want you to invest in a strategy that works for your organisation, and work with you to eliminate technical complexity, streamlining processes to provide a transformational value on your business processing outsourcing journey.

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Trade Tech success story Applying RPA in process transformation for Tradetech logistics company

TradeTech Inc had two key challenges that they came to NashTech with. The first related to data inputs requiring a 99.9% accuracy level and the second was regulation driven which put time pressure on delivery schedules. The adoption of RPA lead to a 57% reduction in data entry process time.

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