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Supporting your ability to deliver business value

We test your systems and software products to ensure they remain at the optimal standard your organisation requires, helping you to optimise time, cost and quality.

Software development and software testing is experiencing rapid change as a result of digital transformation and your organisation may be struggling to maintain core systems that meet the demands of operational efficiency, innovation and faster time to market. Our QA consultants and test engineers partner with you to understand your test requirements and adapt your testing in line with the latest technologies and to suit your business needs.

We take full responsibility for your testing activities, adopting an agile approach and saving your busy teams time and effort; and we bring a comprehensive set of testing services and tools to get the results you need, increasing business efficiency and ensuring you keep up to date as technologies evolve and challenges emerge.

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"One of the key measures that you can take is the number of incidents that are raised - a great indicator or reliability and consistency. Proportionally, the number of incidents that we've got against the new system is significantly lower than some of the other systems we've got"

Harry Cooke - Development Manager at Minster Law

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