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Insights May 12, 2021

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Today’s intelligent technologies have opened up numerous opportunities for businesses to re-engineer and optimise their business processes, transform operating model and improve customer experience. This plays an important role in business growth strategies and offers competitive advantages such as reduced operating costs, increased operating efficiency and more reliable services provided to

However, without choosing the right direction, the return on investment may not be as high as an organisation forecasted.

Business Process Solutions

Understanding the need to find a trusted partner and define the right direction, NashTech has spent over 20 years unlocking the value of business process and technology solutions for our clients and partners.

We offer a collaborative approach with a strong Vietnam-based team, nearshore consulting practice and in-country client relationship, providing a highly client-centric service founded on deep business excellence expertise and agile delivery.

Our work spans sectors and regions. Whatever is the nature of your business process transformation needs, we can identify and implement the fit for purpose solution and deliver targeted automation that transforms the business, with above 98% accuracy and cost reductions of up to 50%.

What we do at NashTech

Business process consulting

Transforming any business is not an overnight change but instead needs to be assessed and considered carefully. This is where NashTech can help, by outlining a process discovery, mapping changes of nominated processes towards market best practices, and advising or re-modelling into digitally enabled solutions. Since there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, a key part of our way of working is to support clients in choosing a means of transformation that is optimal for business operations.

Automation-enabled outsourcing

For the processes where end-to-end automation is not applicable, we offer hybrid services powered by automation-enabled outsourcing. We design a process solution that our teams deliver and manage for the clients. Applying in-house grown automation platform or client’s preferred automation technology, we automate as many elements of the process as possible. This leads to optimisation of processes lifecycles and cost reduction.

Introducing the latest automation technologies such as RPA, machine learning, applied data sciences, data mining and deep learning to our services, we offer tangible and measurable benefits to our clients:

  • Creating igital and agile workforce with 24/7 support
  • Increasing quality and availability of data
  • Delivering sustainable business processes
  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency
  • Improving customer experience

To find out more about how we can help transform your business, download our business value proposition or email and a member of the team will be in touch.

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