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Delivering transformative consumer experiences during a time of disruption

Success stories Dec 1, 2022


About DuluxGroup

DuluxGroup is a leading manufacturer of premium branded products that protect, maintain, and enhance the spaces and places in which people live and work.

The challenge 

DuluxGroup has always prided itself of striving for world class products and customer experience. Over the last few years, the business identified a need to expand and enhance digital B2C and B2B offering to the end customers and consumers. However, in order to improve the customer experience and attract more clients, DuluxGroup knew the time was right for the transformation of their digital assets.

Given the vast, interconnected nature of the brands within DuluxGroup, there had been a reliance on various agencies and external parties to build the DuluxGroup digital assets. Maintaining such a large digital landscape was always going to be a challenge. Thus, having a partner to work on development and maintenance of multiple assets required to support unique requirements from multiple business units whilst maintaining reusability and consistency became an essential requirement.

Our approach

Rather than relying on multiple external parties, DuluxGroup and NashTech worked together as one team, combining our expertise in solution architecture design, technical design, and development delivery. The adoption of a customer-centric approach enabled us to create strong relationships across the business, interacting daily with key departments, such as UI / UX, business analysts and marketing so that we can make informed recommendations. This in-depth understanding facilitated more efficient estimations and proposals leading to cost savings.

Given there may be 10+ projects in flight at any particular time, consistent governance and project management frameworks are essential to ensure processes run smoothly. We focus on stringent quality control and continuous improvement through regular monitoring, reviews, and process enhancements.

Our solution

Digital assets built on various legacy technologies have been migrated to Umbraco, enhancing site structure and the provision of consistency across brands.

Cloud services were used to apply 24/7 monitoring, maintenance, support and control alert mechanisms, ensuring all brands have the autonomy to manage their own assets with ease.

We are incredibly proud to have contributed to many projects during DuluxGroup’s digital transformation journey. Our relationship has further strengthened during the pandemic which has had a huge impact on retail supply chains and warehousing.


  • Centralised digital assets are consistent and easy to manage which has reduced license, hosting and maintenance costs.
  • An expanded digital footprint and enhanced user experience that has led to an increase in website visits.
  • Advanced data insights on the entire customer journey to support future decision-making.

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