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Catalysing Growth at PXP Financial

Success stories Nov 25, 2019



PXP Financial processes over €16 billion of payments each year. With so much money changing hands, speed and security are integral to the mission-critical service the company provides to more than 1,000 merchants worldwide. For that reason, the restricted, costly and unpredictable nature of sourcing skilled tech talent in the UK made it unviable.

The mission at payment solutions provider, PXP Financial, is simple:

“To create a first-class payment experience for their customers, through innovation and investment in new technologies. However, in an increasingly regulated, competitive market the execution of this statement presents a greater challenge.”

An Agile partner

This led CEO, Mike Day, and CTO, Salvatore Cicero, to adopt an alternative approach to getting the tech jobs done. The solution came in the form of software solutions company, NashTech.

Headquartered in the UK, with offices in America, Japan and Singapore, NashTech specialises in software development and outsourcing from its centres in Vietnam. With a 2,000 strong workforce of skilled engineers, analysts and architects, specialising in everything from .NET to Python, the business was perfectly positioned to pick up the slack and start executing for PXP Financial.

Technology plays a significant role here at PXP Financial. It enables us to monitor and improve our performance, effectiveness and also the quality of our services, products and systems. We needed a partner with a deep pool of talent, that could follow an agile scrum process, in the purest of senses, and deliver consistently on what it promised. We got that from NashTech. 

Salvatore Cicero

CTO at PXP Financial

By partnering with an outsourced technology provider on the other side of the world, they are leveraging gains in technology, skills, time and cost.

Catalysing the Certification Process

Having successfully engaged NashTech on a number of software development exercises, PXP Finance elected to expand the supplier’s remit to support the certification process, addressing a particular pain point for the business.

From P2PE to PSD2, payments is one of the most heavily regulated industries in the world. Even within financial services, it is considered to be compliance heavy. For PXP, ensuring certification was in-line with product updates was extremely challenging.

On average a resource can get through six to eight certifications per year. This caused a huge backlog for the business, especially when new functionality had to be accredited across the board. We had to look at a way of reducing those time scales significantly. With NashTech already delivering QA support to the development function, the obvious choice was to employ a certification team. 

Lyndsey Thomson

Head of QA & Certifications at PXP Financial

Modernisation to meet the future growth

Besides enhancing the existing system, NashTech is also supporting PXP in modernise the system by creating a unified platform based on MSA architecture. The existing system have multiple gateways across many Data Centers. We are supporting to build the Unity architecture to fulfill the vision of "One API, One Gateway/Switch, One Portal, Upgrading Onboarding Merchants process" in a hybrid architecture on Azure Cloud.

For more information about how NashTech can support your IT function to help your organisation scale contact us. Or, if you want to find out more about why you should modernise your applications today, Read here.

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