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Create an exciting and engaging digital experience for students and faculty

Unprecedented adoption of virtual learning has created a paradigm shift in education systems around the world. For today’s tech-savvy generation, digital education standards are higher than ever and EdTech is redefining how education is resourced and consumed.

By partnering with NashTech on your journey to embracing digitisation, you could unlock massive potential to expand your reach beyond campuses and cities to enhance the student experience, reduce operational costs and diversify revenue streams.


From admissions to student information systems, to loan applications and accommodation, NashTech can develop portals and applications that spans the student journey. Our expertise in learning management platforms and virtual learning environments ensures we leverage bespoke features, plug-ins and integrations. Enriching platform functionality, supporting cloud migration and providing comprehensive testing services, we ensure your institution delivers an engaging, bespoke student experience, drives efficiency and leverages data to revolutionise your decision making.

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Success stories

NashTech success story Open Uni logo Open Uni student learning online with upgraded platform

We successfully transformed the OpenLearn platform to be optimised for mobile, improved the user experience, and secure for all users.

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