Who are CollegeSource?

CollegeSource, Inc. (CSI) is a technology company creating solutions for higher education. More than 2,000 colleges and universities and millions of users worldwide utilize CSI products for degree audit, degree planning, and transfer articulation.


  • Abstract millions of college, course and credit information
  • Transfer data in to a web-based database in a standard format 
  • Alleviate difficulty of irregular workload in high season without appropriate notice time

Solutions and benefits

  • Dedicated project team to handle the work volume of 400,000 – 500,000 courses per month
  • Built software that provided a high level of introduction of CSI products to end users
  • Appointed an internal QA staff member to ensure the accuracy of all projects before submitting to the QC of CSI


  • Successfully handled up to 500,000 courses per month during peak season
  • Achieved high quality of submission at high accuracy 
  • Exceeded client’s expectations for speed, accuracy and flexibility