Who are Orchard?

Since 1979 Orchard has focused its efforts and energies on providing software, services and supporting technical solutions that help Housing businesses and Public Sector organisations to improve the lives of their customers, tenants and residents.


  • Need to upgrade its arcHouse product used by housing associations and local authorities to manage their housing stock
  • Find a flexible, reliable extension to the UK Team
  • Focus skills of the UK team on new products and technology

Solutions and benefits

  • Established support teams in both onshore and offshore with a 24 hour hot line
  • Provided a team to work onsite for three months to understand the systems and business domain 
  • Regular communication with management to discuss the requirements and technical solutions


  • Delivered 200 processes and 300 test plans 
  • Provided a greater service level to its customers, saving them time, money and effort
  • The system have been deployed to 15 customers throughout the UK