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Transform and optimise your business processes

NashTech recognises your business challenges and fears through a unique consultancy led approach. We work with you to streamline your processes and improve your corporate resilience.

Our advisors and experienced practitioners partner with you to optimise existing processes before designing and implementing new ways of working that demonstrate return on investment, reduces complexity and maximizes the potential of automation.


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Success stories

NashTech success story Tradetech logo Applying RPA in process transformation for Tradetech logistics company

TradeTech Inc had two key challenges that they came to NashTech with. The first related to data inputs requiring a 99.9% accuracy level and the second was regulation driven which put time pressure on delivery schedules. The adoption of RPA lead to a 57% reduction in data entry process time.

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Our customer designed a process that required manual data checks against 40,000 eInvoices on a monthly basis. By implementing automation, this leading electronics manufacturer saw a 78% process completion time saving.

Download the case study (PDF)

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