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A surge of investment on the journey to achieving digital excellence

New products, new services, new ways to engage with customers, staff and suppliers. All have become priorities and for many organisations, this is fundamentally changing the way they view technology. Investment in digital continues to grow, in technology, systems and the people needed to deliver the vision. Always focused on getting closer to the customer and transforming business value.


  • Enable significant competitive advantage through eCommerce, core administration processing, data insight and analytics results
  • Use machine learning technologies to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and capabilities
  • Reuse and enhance existing systems whilst building new applications around it to encapsulate required functionality
  • Migrate legacy systems into new scalable platforms that reduce costs and allow room for growth whilst adding significant cloud-based functionality to original platforms
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Success stories

‘The NashTech team added significant cloud based functionality to the original platform and then helped us build out our new photography platform that we recently launched. The company offers us the ability to get high quality technical resources available to our team for us to be able to adapt our resourcing overtime as our needs change. We have nothing but great success with growing this team… We’ve been very very happy and NashTech has been a very very responsive company and partner to Zenfolio.’

Keith Barraclough, Chief Technology Officer, Zenfolio

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